Ragdoll Runners


In Ragdoll Runners, you run with two keys: one key per leg. So you cannot count on pounding your keyboard to achieve victory like in most athletics games. You require good timing and mental strength.

At first, you run and jump in a disjointed fashion, causing funny situations. However, the better you get, the more your actions resemble those of true champions and it becomes very rewarding.

A third key allows to lean forward on certain occasions: to finish a sprint, a jump, or to jump over a hurdle.

Game Modes

  • Solo: compete against increasingly strong opponents and become a champion in each event.
  • Splitscreen: play against 3 friends on the same computer (gamepad supported), like in this hilarious video.
  • Online
    • Confront the world record and your friends’ records.
    • Challenge mode: compete against increasingly strong records from the leaderboards and become a concurrent for other players.
    • Daily Contest : experience the stress of competition with a limited number of attempts each day. Do your best in each event to score the most points in the Octathlon.



46 thoughts on “Ragdoll Runners

  1. hey can you maybe update the rag doll runners demo because I’m kinda getting bored doing the same thing ya know? just wondering if you can update that would be great thanks :)

    • The full game is only available on Windows.
      I don’t know if you can download the web version. You can try and tell us if it worked :)

    • Yes it is, but with 4 players it would be more comfortable with 2 keyboards or one keyboard + 2 gamepads.

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